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HOM Leadership Team

Our little team at HOM isn't so little anymore. We've been fortunate to work with our community partners to expand permanent housing solutions to homelessness in Maricopa County in the past couple of years and have expanded our team as a result.
Ms. C

Ms. Bossy

Ms. C. has been stably housed in our ABC supportive housing program since 1998.  She recently came to our office with the biggest smile we have ever seen!  She asked us to come into the parking lot to see something “very special!”  Once we got to the parking lot, she showed us her new vehicle named [...]
Desert Leaf Ribbon

Desert Leaf Apartments – New Permanent Supportive Housing

We are proud to partner with A New Leaf Cottages to bring 18 new units of permanent supportive housing to Mesa in Desert Leaf Apartments.  This project was made possible through a unique regional collaboration between the cities of Phoenix and Mesa. Permanent supportive housing is an innovative and [...]
Vets Christmas Cards

5th Graders Bring Holiday Cheer to Formerly Homeless Veterans

A core value at HOM, Inc., is giving back to the communities that we live and work in. It’s in our mission statement, but we also put our money where our mouth is by allowing team members to take up to four hours of paid volunteer time each week. Many of our team members use this benefit to [...]

Helping Veterans Get Back on Their Feet

Thanks to your hard work and dedication, I have a place I can call home for the first time in almost three months. It's hard to describe how mentally and physically difficult it is to be homeless, the level of despair it creates, and the feeling of hopelessness I experienced on a daily basis is hard to describe.

Working With PHAs To End Homelessness

This post was originally written for the National Alliance to End Homelessness blog. As communities redouble their efforts to achieve the goals of Opening Doors, one thing is abundantly clear: we need all hands on deck to truly end homelessness in this country. This includes our partners at public [...]

The Super Bowl of HUD-VASH

On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday while most Americans are gearing up to enjoy the big game, 25 homeless Veterans in Phoenix are attending a housing briefing to receive a voucher for rental assistance for an apartment of their choice in the community. These 25 men and women were among the 1,266 [...]

Labeling People as Homeless Strips Individuals and Families of True Identity

Words matter. The way that we construct language has an effect on how we see and understand the world.
HOM Xmas Photos - 2010 010

Merry Christmas!

May you have peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams and joy to fill your holidays! From the HOM, Inc. team.

Home for the Holidays

When Project H3: Home, Health, Hope launched in April 2010, several members of our HOM, Inc. team volunteered to conduct surveys of persons experiencing street homelessness between 4 and 6 AM for three straight days. Following the survey days, at the community briefing where the results of the [...]
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